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Friday Fictioneers: Girls Riding in Busses

Friday Fictioneers: Girls Riding in Busses

¬†Some adventure this turned out to be. The girls had met at Grand Central early in the morning and boarded the bus for Albany. At the station in Albany they had¬†franks heated by red lights rather than the dirty water dogs they were used to eating. During the trip Anjuli exclaimed “Moo” each and every … Continue reading

Photo101: Late Wrap-up on a Bad Day

I took the last two pictures for photo101 and never got around to posting them. I also intended to write a flash-fiction post for tomorrow, before we went on our camping trip, but my cat has gone missing. She is an indoor cat and never came for breakfast in the morning. I went around the … Continue reading

Photo 101: Scale

 This picture was taken in Belize as we scaled the Mayan pyramids. Mr. Obscure looks so small! Workers were preparing the area for a summer solstice celebration where the sun sets between the pyramids.  

Photo 101: Black and White

There really isnt much in the way of interesting architecture out here in the county. I shot these at the park during my morning run.      

photo101: Day 3 Water

  These are our fish in their aquarium. There were three, now only two. Recently one fish got stuck in an ornamental decoration and died. We said a few words and buried it in the vegetable garden. The ornamental decoration has been removed.

Photo101: Day 2

  I had some trouble establishing the shot. Also found it difficult to shoot the photo with the sun in front of me and with the iphone 6 camera.  This is my street however, as you can see boring, uneventful and lonely.