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Cooking with Ms. M. April 8.2013

I am starting to date the posts because I lost count. It’s 5 minutes to 5 pm now. Good for me, I am starting early. Well, Except that this is what my kitchen looks like: And this is what my dining room table looks like: Welcome to my  CHAOS. OK, I have to clean-up. Let … Continue reading

Cooking at home with Ms. M #2

It’s way past 5 o’clock, the time I keep telling myself I should start dinner. Ok I’m ready to start. This week is tamales and quesadillas from trader joes. The boy tried the free samples they give out in the store and then went back to get three more. I’m assuming he liked them but … Continue reading

Cooking at home with Ms. M

It’s Tuesday night. I found some green plantains in the grocery store yesterday. I want to make mofongo. I cant remember how or find my old recipe. My husband usually comes home hungry around 6:15. Is that the time? I should have started an hour ago! 1. Ignore the clutter. It’s always there. Do a … Continue reading