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Friday Fictioneers: House of Sand

The box landed with a thud. Its contents spilled out. I looked up at Alex who was standing firm, yet trembling. He pointed at the box. Soundlessly, his mouth opened. I dropped the knife in the mustard jar. I picked a receipt for the Airport Inn off a slice of bread. I looked up at … Continue reading

Photo101: Late Wrap-up on a Bad Day

I took the last two pictures for photo101 and never got around to posting them. I also intended to write a flash-fiction post for tomorrow, before we went on our camping trip, but my cat has gone missing. She is an indoor cat and never came for breakfast in the morning. I went around the … Continue reading

Photo101: Glass & Edge

Photo101: Glass & Edge

My son wanted to get in on the action. He took out a wine glass, placed it next to a blue water bottle, shut the lights and asked me to shine a flash light into the glass from above. Here is his picture – I took a closeup shot of the detail on the Tiffany … Continue reading

Photo 101: Scale

 This picture was taken in Belize as we scaled the Mayan pyramids. Mr. Obscure looks so small! Workers were preparing the area for a summer solstice celebration where the sun sets between the pyramids.  

Photo 101: Black and White

There really isnt much in the way of interesting architecture out here in the county. I shot these at the park during my morning run.      

Photos of the Week

I decided to do an end of the week digest of the photos for photo101. It didnt go so well. After Tuesday, I slacked off and then spent Friday trying to catch up and am just now posting them.