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Friday Fictioneers: Solitary Bird

I heard she left her husband… My Dougie says the son can’t stop getting in trouble at school… Hmm, they say the apple… What a bunch of hens pecking at the dirt. Gertie had a feeling they were talking about her. Perhaps it was just her insecurities getting the better of her. The same insecurities that kept … Continue reading

FFfAW: Weight of the World

FFfAW: Weight of the World

Amy left the doctor’s office and drove to pick up her daughter from school. At home, she made a snack for the girl and then started dinner. When her sons came home she kissed them and headed out for SummerHaven. Amy pulled her shoulders back as she pushed the button for the elevator. She knocked loudly on the door.  “Hi Dad,” she … Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers: The Stakeout

Friday Fictioneers: The Stakeout

“There’s nothing,” he said. And he was right. There was nothing out there. We’d been holed up in this apartment for seventy-two hours and we had nothing. The only thing that moved was that river. “Look again. And look harder,” I told him as I poured myself a whiskey. On second thought I poured him … Continue reading

FFfAW: A Journey of a Lifetime

FFfAW: A Journey of a Lifetime

Avery exhaled deeply. More of a cathartic sigh. Climbing those steps exhausted her. She would find a nice cafe and sit in the shade. She’d skip the symphony tonight and rest up for her flight to Egypt tomorrow. Another leg in her journey of a lifetime. Exhaustion seemed to bow to her every twelfth step.  It … Continue reading

FFfAW: Somewhere Between Hello and Good-bye

The breeze gently plays with the curtains, as he lies across the bed. The mid-day sun burns bright the candle of the day, kissing the hilltops that carve the landscape. A cat licks crumbs off the couch. Last night’s litter lines a trail. Upstairs, he stirs slowly. The story is somewhere between Hello and Good-bye. Half-asleep, he … Continue reading

FFfAW: A Temporary Fix

Liza looked from Jack to the bag. She was perched on the edge of the sofa.  She had cut her hair short and dyed it some sort of sweet potato red. He didn’t like it, but he told her she looked nice. It was only temporary, he thought. She eyed him suspiciously and pulled the bag closer. She parted … Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers: Sands of Time

Around another corner, I found Sasha. He lay curled up on the ground. He was sobbing but no noise came from him. I limped over to him, leaving a traceable line in the dirt. His eyes were two dark tunnels with specks of light far off in the distance. He tried to turn his head to look at something. I continued … Continue reading

FFfAW: Casting in the Wind

For most of his life he came here. He first came as a small boy with his uncle and then, as a grown man, whenever he had free time away from work. In his later years, he’d spend the whole day  here. Sometimes on Sundays, Mother would pack up a picnic and we’d join him. It made no … Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers: Letting the Days Go By

For fifty plus hours a week, Lacey improves the organization’s efficiency and profitability. She is becoming tired of climbing a ladder that seems to have no end. She tweets 140-character haikus during briefings. At lunch, she sits in the park. She regards a single yellow daffodil as she fiddles with the diamond ring on her finger.  A … Continue reading

FFfAW: Don’t Bother About Me

Larry found a cell phone. He hit redial and reached Lacey. They arranged to meet at his bench; the red one next to the Yellow Poplar. Lacey was a lovely girl; the first one to see Larry in a long time. Larry didn’t bother with people anymore and people didn’t bother with him. Lacey sat and took the … Continue reading