FFfAW: A Girl Named Chess

My name is Chess. It’s an unusual name so I’ll tell you how I got it. One day, my brother Sid, stopped to play a game of chess with a nice man. My brother is a real good chess player; even when he was five. Arnie, the nice man, was a good oppenent. Arnie was a  good opponent, … Continue reading

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: The Tenant

“Adam,” I said,”I have to get to work. Your truck,” I pointed to the driveway, “Is blocking me in again.” “Gimme a sec,”  he said and receded back into the apartment. “Let me do that,” he called out as I was trying to push the wagon out of the mud. I slipped and my arm fell beneath the tarp. Adam was … Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers: One Man’s Junk

Friday Fictioneers: One Man’s Junk

“Wait!” I yelled. My son was about to toss a carved stone grosbeak into a garbage bag. My mother had carved it after her nervous breakdown. “It’s junk, ma,” he said. “You see these pennies,” I said to my son, “They were in my dad’s pocket when he died, the nurses gave them to grandma along with these … Continue reading

FFfAW: Skeleton in the Closet

Maizy looked bored. Shopping at Ikea wasn’t very exciting for a teenager. I just wanted to get her out of the house. She seemed so gloomy and had put on a bit of weight since I last saw her.  Mom’s death had hit us all hard. Yet, instead of uniting, we went our separate ways. Me to the … Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers: April 18, 1775

Out past curfew, the Sexton has the keys, and furtively enters along with a vestryman. Through the dark they carefully climb to the steeple. At 191 feet high above the town, they light two lanterns and hold them shakily out the window for just a minute. The fear of being caught does not stop them. The secret signal ensures word … Continue reading


Edit: I seem to have clicked the PRESS THIS box on Emilio Pasquale’s site. You should really click the link as the photo is glorious. The above image is in response to the challenge that The Girl That Dreams Awake posts every Monday. I look forward to them. All I can add to this shot … Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers: I’m Just Waiting on My Son

Her words came on a gust of wind: “I’ve sent a hundred texts! Come pick me up NOW so we can get to Aunt Sue’s in St. Pete’s!” “Ma – there’s no gas in the car,” Josh rolled  his eyes wondering what the big deal was this time. “Josh, they said this storm will kill people. Get in the car..” As … Continue reading

SYW: Week 39 – Picking Up From

Share Your World – 2016 Week 39 September 26, 2016 Cee Neuner For the next three weeks the questions are from kids.  The Happy Quitter wrote about her workshop she does for neighborhood kids and the some of the kids had some suggestions for the Share your World challenge.   Photo from http://www.libertyroadfoundation.org/spring-kids-fashion-show-luncheon/ A class you wish you would have taken? Ballroom Dance … Continue reading

SYW: Weeks 30 & 31

Share Your World – 2016 Week 30 July 25, 2016 Cee Neuner  With your answers, please remember we are in the SYW world which may not always match our reality. Q: Do you prefer a bath or shower? I take showers since I am always in a rush, but my dream is to have a japanese soaking … Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers: Solitary Bird

I heard she left her husband… My Dougie says the son can’t stop getting in trouble at school… Hmm, they say the apple… What a bunch of hens pecking at the dirt. Gertie had a feeling they were talking about her. Perhaps it was just her insecurities getting the better of her. The same insecurities that kept … Continue reading