FFfAW: By the Cairn Marker


 After hiking 8 miles up to the cairn marker she stopped and looked at me expectantly. The sunlight radiated around her curves. She kept making direct eye contact as she handed me a sandwich. I said I couldn’t wait to get her back to the cabin. “Anything else,” she asked.  I smirked.

Turns out she was expecting a drop down on one knee, with tiny box, proposal. I mean she’s hot and all, but fat chance of that. I’m not devoting my life to someone who dies her hair ‘ombre’ yet thinks Holden Caulfield is annoying. She never even finished the book.

She’s gone now. I’m sitting here alone looking at this big, blue sky. God dammit, but I feel happy.

word count: 120

Written for the 96th Challenge of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Week of 01-03 through 01-09-2017. This week’s photo prompt is provided by Grant-Sud. Thank you Grant!

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