FFfAW: After the Deluge


Many built a giant boat and sailed away. But a few stayed behind, huddled in trees.  When the deluge receded they alit and began anew. They were people of different colors and different ideas; once of different means. Now, they were all starting from the same place. They built homes, fished, built a fire and ate. They harvested seeds and grew crops. They delegated jobs and built their economy. Around the fire they argued and disagreed. Everyone listened and everyone was heard. In the end, not everyone got their way, but they negotiated and compromised. They called this place: Democracy.

word count: 100

Written for the 89th Challenge of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, week of 11-15 through 11-21-2016. This week’s photo prompt is provided by Barb CT of the blog, Gallimaufry. Thank you Barb!

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