FFfAW: A Girl Named Chess


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My name is Chess. It’s an unusual name so I’ll tell you how I got it.

One day, my brother Sid, stopped to play a game of chess with a nice man. My brother is a real good chess player; even when he was five. Arnie, the nice man, was a good oppenent.

Arnie was a  good opponent, but not a better one. Sid called checkmate. Arnie asked my brother how he got so good at chess and my brother explained, “My mom taught me.”

“And can you beat your daddy as well,” Arnie asked.

“I don’t have a daddy,” Sid proclaimed, “Not everyone does.”

Sid insisted mom and Arnie play a game.They hemmed and hawed, but then acquiesced. They strategized and made small talk.

“Everyone has a daddy,” Arnie said,”Why doesn’t Sid?”

Mom explained how she was a single mother who had adopted Sid. The game ended in stalemate. They all agreed they were hungry and went together for a bite to eat. A year later I was born and they named me Chess.

word count: 175

Written for the 88th Challenge of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, week of 11-08 through 11-14-2016.

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This one ran over 100 words surprisingly, as I had no clue what to write. I must admit that my ADDled brain is confounded by chess and all its rules and moves. This story developed after I wrote and then began to edit a first story about a boy and man playing chess. Somehow the mother came into the story and then I thought of the sister, a girl I imagine to be around 8-10 years old who is writing in grade school.


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