Friday Fictioneers: One Man’s Junk


PHOTO PROMPT © Claire Fuller

“Wait!” I yelled.

My son was about to toss a carved stone grosbeak into a garbage bag. My mother had carved it after her nervous breakdown. “It’s junk, ma,” he said.

“You see these pennies,” I said to my son, “They were in my dad’s pocket when he died, the nurses gave them to grandma along with these cufflinks. This tangled string is from the kite my step-father was flying when my balloon got entangled with the string. That’s how he and grandma met.”

We sat and I told him the story of his grandma artifact by artifact.

word count: 98

Written for Friday Fictioneers week of 21 October 2016, where the challenge is to write a complete story in 100 words or less. If you’d like to participate or read more click on the froggy below.

Grosbeak: healing the heart, family dynamicsvespertinus-387408__180.jpg

I did a google search for a list of birds and their symbolism. I used the one from this site – Universal Sky.


15 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: One Man’s Junk

  1. Though photographs are memories that are fixed, objects are just memories made into solid story prompts. They can live and breathe and grow. Great story

  2. Generally each generation sadly only see’s its own memories. I enjoyed your use of the artefacts.

  3. When we went through my father’s coats after he passed, we found a penny in each and everyone of them! Every time he found one, he’d say they were pennies from heaven… I just felt a woosh of emotions on this one!

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