FFfAW: Skeleton in the Closet


Maizy looked bored. Shopping at Ikea wasn’t very exciting for a teenager. I just wanted to get her out of the house. She seemed so gloomy and had put on a bit of weight since I last saw her.  Mom’s death had hit us all hard. Yet, instead of uniting, we went our separate ways. Me to the Air Force, Dad to his work, and Maizy into her own head.

She stood grasping the edge of a pantry. Suddenly, water gushed from between her legs. Panic masked her face. She looked at me and  I rushed over to her side.

word count: 100

Written for the 84th Challenge of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, Week of 10-11 through 10-17-2016. As per usual, I am just sliding into base with this one. Well, at least I’m back. It’s hard trying to keep a blog schedule when you are sharing your kids laptop because yours has died. RIP my good friend. I looked at the photo and thought: Pantry, pantry…pantry….closet, keeping things in the closet, shopping at Ikea, pregnant teenager keeping it a secret. And that’s how that went. Here’s a little TMI: I had to google “water breaking” because although I gave birth to my son, I was induced unsuccessfully and my water broken for me. Not pleasant and not very anecdotal.


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  1. Uh Oh, a pregnant teenager. Thank goodness her sister was there to help her! (I assume it is her sister). Now we know what Maizy turned to in her grief. Great story M!

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