FFfAW: The Boy Who Touched Too Much


Kheiron burst forth into this world hands first, climbing from his mother’s womb. From that moment, his hands were always busy.

Kheiron had to touch everything that was nearby. Police were often after him for lifting things from the market. Girls gave him a wide berth for they did not like his roaming hands.

One particularly hot day, Kheiron came upon a river. In he dove, splashing violently about disturbing the flora and fauna that live naturally in the rivers and riverbeds. A Naiad alerted her father. When the River King arrived Kheiron was out of the water and plucking flowers.  In a flash, Kheiron turned to bronze. Every living being who passed would touch his arms until eventually they fell off into his lap. There they lay to this day.

word count: 131

Written for the 69th Challenge of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, Week of 06-07 through 06-13-2016. Click on the blue froggy to submit your own story or read more. This week’s photo prompt provided by phylor. Thank you!


Given Name CHIRON
GENDER: Masculine
OTHER FORMS: Cheiron, Kheiron
CONTRIBUTOR: Elizabeth on 5/12/2008
LAST EDITOR: SeaHorse15 on 3/26/2012   [revision history]
Meaning & History
Derived from Greek kheir meaning “hand” (also “skilled with the hands”, related to kheirourgos “surgeon”). In Greek mythology he was the eldest and wisest of the centaurs, who educated and trained many of the great heroes. He is represented by the constellation Sagittarius.


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