You Want to Make a Living as a Writer? Are You Crazy?

I have always harbored a dream of being a writer. For the last three years or so I have been trying to push myself towards that end. I need to work on the confidence, discipline and business skills. I took an online writing class in December, but I really think I need a business class. This is especially hard for an introverted, socially awkward ADDled-minded person such as myself. I really needed to read this as I am contemplating giving up before I have even really began in earnest. Is it time to jump of the ledge and fly, or climb back into the room I came from?

Live to Write - Write to Live

If you have a passion for writing and have non-creatives in your life, you have probably heard some form of this mantra for years:

No one can make a living writing; find something practical to pursue. 

What’s ‘practical’? What makes sense if your passion is for words? Fitting the square peg into a round hole never works, does it?

The comfort of working for yourself The comfort of working for yourself

It helps to be a little crazy when pursuing something many people can’t relate to. But if you want to make a living as a writer, there are a few skills that can help you succeed.

  • Passion for words – I believe you need to have a yearning to learn about words, to want to play with words, to strive to get sentences just write, to want to share part of yourself through written expression. You want to make an impression on your audience in…

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