SYW: Week 22

Share Your World Week 22

I’ll just blame the holiday (Memorial Day here in the States) for me being a little off this week. First, I couldn’t find the SYW Week 22 questions and then I found that I answered the questions for week 21 but never posted them! So I did that now. Then I planned to reblog an article to my other site ( but it reblogged here. Now I am posting my answers to week 22. I apologize for the multi-posts in one day. I try  not to do that.


Every country in the world has lost men and women in some kind of Armed Forces.  When does your country celebrate or mourn their deaths? (Optional)

I am American, so it was this past monday, Memorial Day.

What is your favorite holiday or holidays?

Although, I am no longer a practicing-Catholic or a believer, Christmas is still my favorite holiday. I love the good cheer everyone seems to have a bit of, the greenery, the lights bought into the home at a dark time, the songs, the gift-giving, the cookies. Now with my son I am loving experiencing it all on a new level. He loves Christmas and the magic of Santa Claus. He believes it’s better to receive than give, but I am working on that one.

I call it a solstice celebration, but the rest of my extended family, and most everyone else celebrates Christmas so that’s what it truly is now.

How do you celebrate that holiday?

I think I answered that in the last question. I’ll just add that we decorate a tree, watch all the movies on tv, hang stockings and leave presents under the tree. We also have a big Christmas Eve dinner and then just relax on Christmas Day. At New Year’s Ayios Vasili comes and brings a present for my son and I bake a vasolopita with a coin hidden inside. Whomever finds the coin in their slice will have luck that year. It’s a blend of American, Italian and Greek traditions in our home.


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