FFfAW: Weight of the World


Amy left the doctor’s office and drove to pick up her daughter from school. At home, she made a snack for the girl and then started dinner. When her sons came home she kissed them and headed out for SummerHaven.

Amy pulled her shoulders back as she pushed the button for the elevator. She knocked loudly on the door.  “Hi Dad,” she said as she walked by a tall man with stooped shoulders. She unpacked the groceries she bought and read the note the nurse had left. Her dad was swiping things from other residents again. After picking her son up from basketball, she put dinner on the table. She listened as the kids talked about their day.

As she washed the dishes her shoulders began to tighten up. Her husband came over and  massaged her neck.

Amy’s shoulders dropped. Quietly she said: CANCER. That was what the doctor said.

word count: 150

Written in response to the 64th Challenge of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Week of 05-03 through 05-09-2016. This week’s photo prompt is provided me! Hey, would you look at that.

Here’s some info on the photo. It was taken in the early 1990s in Cinque Terre, Italy at Monterosso. I was in Europe, between visiting friends and family, I was ambling along the beach by myself and I came upon this giant statue. The colors once were more vivid, but alas has faded over the years (this is a scan of a print). When I took the photo I had no idea who it was a statue of or why it was there – I was just in awe of it. From a quick google search I have learned it is Neptune, which kind of takes away some of the awe of mystery.

The concrete statue of the Giant, Il Gigante, built beside the terrace of a local villa near the beach of Fegina, representing Neptune, the god of the sea.



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  1. It’s a great photo that creates a lot of fantasy about the sea and myths that dreams are made of. thank you for sharing it! Love the closing impact of your story.

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