FRIDAY FICTIONEERS: Hanging from the Rafters


Jody jumped up on the counter. He didn’t clear his throat or stomp his feet or nothing. He just stood stock still, his eyes radiating out to the distance. People right quick took notice and began to murmur and stare.  Jody cleared his throat. The people there leaned in closer and more people pushed their way in. “I must speak frankly,” his words lilted out like a lullaby. Then he did spoke frankly and the people listened to what they been needing to hear. The next day, our world was spun upside down by them people’s revolt.

word count: 98

Written in response to Friday Fictioneers,  hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields who challenges us to think outside the box and write a story of 100 WORDS OR LESS from the given photo prompt. This week’s photo prompt provided by  © Mary Shipman


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  1. Interesting dialogue and take on the prompt- unable to place the time and year though.

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