FFfAW: Tilting at Windmills


photo-20160418071828242.jpgThe Wise Penny was on a corner off a busy avenue and a narrow one way street.  I tried to drive around the block to find that narrow street, but all the narrow one-way streets spit me out onto another busy street that merged with the busy avenue. I parked at the corner and put on my hazard lights.

As I was retrieving a large item for donation, I heard an angry, bitter word cut through the air: Asshole! I realized it was directed at me. An elderly, I hesitate to say, gentleman was pulling out from the parking spot in front of me.

I could have easily moved my car, even though he had plenty of space to get out.  Yet, I took offense at his word, chivalry was truly dead, and I did not move the car. If he had asked me nicely, then I would not have hesitated.

word count: 151

Written in response to the 62nd Challenge of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, Week of 04-1 t9hrough 04-25-2016. This week’s photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris. Thank you TJ!

This is a true story. It happened to me this weekend. I am always shocked when old people curse for some reason. I had been stuck on this post, reaching for far out horizons that were beyond my means. I instantly thought of Don Quixote when I saw the windmill and wanted to do a post on tilting at windmills. As the song by Nik Kershaw says, “We are all men from La Mancha.” We all have our imaginary enemies and pretenses.



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  1. I’m sorry this really happened to you. I think he was being a grumpy old man! Yes, we do all have our imaginary enemies and pretenses and hopefully will learn from people like this rather than being people like this. Great story!

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