Friday Fictioneers: A Modern Inconvenience


PHOTO PROMPT – © Al Forbes


You blame the car?

“Yes, if it wasn’t for the automobile we wouldn’t need these roads. People would live and work in the same damn place.”

“Wouldn’t that just — isolate people?”

“It builds community. Curse that bastard Moses!”*  She shook her head vehemently, “It’ll never be the same.”

“The parks are good ain’t they, and the beach is nice tho, Ma. How would we get there?”

“He didn’t create the beach. It was there before man existed.”

“I guess you’re right,” she let a sigh escape, “If it wasn’t for the damn car we wouldn’t be stuck here in traffic.”

word count: 100


*Robert Moses was a city planner who shaped the development in and around New York City.  ”Those who can, build,” Mr. Moses once said. ”Those who can’t, criticize.” He was a man who got things done no matter what stood in his way. He remains a controversial figure. You can read more in this Barron’s article Did Robert Moses Ruin New York City?

I’m the one in red


While I grew up frolicking around the remnants of the World’s Fair of 1964; the daily commute I had on the Cross Bronx Expressway, I do not wish on anyone. I once told my husband, “You know I must love you deeply to marry you, move to Jersey, and deal with that drive everyday.”  The 12-mile commute took 1.5 to 2 hours, if the Yankees (boo. hiss.) were playing in town it was 3 hours at least.

Written in response to Friday Fictioneershosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields who challenges us to think outside the box and write a story of 100 WORDS OR LESS from the given photo prompt. This week’s photo prompt provided by  Al Forbes




15 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: A Modern Inconvenience

  1. Love the information on Robert Moses. There was Robert Moses Parkway and park near where I went to college. Just always assumed he was someone local. Thank you for the information!

    • Unfortunately not. There are express busses into the city, but I worked in the outer boroughs. I guess I could have taken an express bus and then the subway/LIRR oh god that’s just another nightmare 🙂 But it was my punishment to moving to Jersey.

  2. This was such an interesting story to read and I appreciated the little notes the end of it. As a long time New Yorker, I’m still in awe of how much history this city has and how fast things change here. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

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