FFfAW: Don’t Bother About Me


Larry found a cell phone. He hit redial and reached Lacey. They arranged to meet at his bench; the red one next to the Yellow Poplar.

Lacey was a lovely girl; the first one to see Larry in a long time. Larry didn’t bother with people anymore and people didn’t bother with him. Lacey sat and took the phone from his hands. The next day she bought him a bagel and coffee. And the next.

Then Larry was gone. He fell back into the shadows. He sat, under a cloak, outside the subway. He slept on the pavement where she passed.

word count: 101

Written for the 52nd Challenge of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Week of 02-09 through 02-15-2016. This week’s photo prompt is provided by Ady. Thank you Ady!


13 thoughts on “FFfAW: Don’t Bother About Me

  1. Interesting story. He does the right thing and returns her phone and takes some food for her. She wants to help him but he is used to being alone. He wants to be alone, so he fades away. Sad. But I guess a few moments of companionship was enough.

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