Friday Fictioneer: Janet Airliner

This week’s prompt over at Friday Fictioneers really stumped me. I kept thinking about plane crashes and 9/11 but really wasn’t in the mood to go there today. After a quick google search I learned that there is a secret airline named Janet that flies in and out of restricted areas from Las Vegas daily. I had wanted to write something sci-fi or supernatural but my pragmatic, literal mind just wouldn’t let me. Oh and there was the 100-word limit to consider. It was getting late in the day and I needed to just get it done, as I am trying to push myself this year rather than just not participating when the prompt doesn’t speak to me. I don’t feel it’s a complete story, but hope that’s ok. To read more stories or to submit your own go here.


His eyes were wide as he took the glass from my hand. Shakily he set it down on the tray and mumbled a thank you without looking at me.

On final approach to McCarran he jumped up from his chair suddenly. I blocked the aisle and asked him to return to his seat. He stood there a moment scratching the back of his neck. He nodded slowly, then hurried to his seat.

His clammy hand tightly grasped mine as he tried to kiss me while deplaning. I exchanged a knowing glance with the First Officer on my left.

word count: 98


A Janet Boeing 737-600

6 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneer: Janet Airliner

  1. The scene is very vivid, and also leaves many questions open, especially with the area51/secrecy connection. There’s certainly room for more story in that scene. 🙂

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