FFfAW: The Gin Game

Welcome to the New Year 2016 and WELCOME to the 47th Challenge for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Week of 01-05 through 01-11-2016. 

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Outside the sun was painting the horizon crimson. Simon tapped my knee, “You get it. Right?”

“Yeah, sort of…” I mumbled snapping my head in his general direction. I didn’t get any of it.

I got up and stumbled away from the table. “I just got to check on something,” I said. Marie was shuffling the cards and Simon was pouring himself some gin. I walked out of the room into the darkening hallway. I leaned my left hand heavily on the door jamb to prop myself up. With my right hand I slowly turned the knob to the closet and gently opened the door. I took a quick look inside and softly shut the door. Certain it was still in there, I swaggered back.

“Sit down. Quick.  Marie’ll deal ya in,” Laura gestured to a chair. I picked up the gin bottle and took my seat at the table.

word count: 150

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