Friday Fictioneers: Charlie the Christmas Cat

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. The traditional Christmas Eve Seafood Feast is done and the dishes are still being washed. Christmas is a lazy day in our house we sit around in our pjs watching movies.

However, or whichever, holidays you may celebrate – or not – may your days be merry and bright.

The following was written in response to the photo prompt at Friday Fictioneers. To read more go here.







Not a stir, not even a mouse! This blows.

Now what?

I’ve torn and tattered all the ribbons and bows.

I could tip over this platter…

or that tree…

— What was that clatter? 

And there was Santa setting down a large sack. He waved his hand and boxes arranged themselves under the tree – not one good for jumping in. He looked over and noticed me. “Ho-Ho-H0, don’t be naughty and you leave that tree be!” With a wink and a flash he was gone.

Wait, is that catnip I smell?

word count: 90

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