FFfAW: The Way


This is for the 45th Challenge  of Flash Fiction for Aspiring WritersWeek of 12-22 through 12-28-2015.

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This week’s photo is courtesy of Etol Bagam. Thank you Etol!

The Way

Every morning she rises before dawn. Careful not to wake them, she pours herself a glass of water and drinks. Then she sits in stillness for several moments before washing herself and dressing.

The walk is long but she does not account for it. However long or short, it has to be tread.  She toils away at the machine. She could do better, but they want speed over accuracy.

In the evenings, she follows the road back home. She makes a quick dinner and they eat together in the dim light. Sometimes there is a letter. Then their daughter reads it and shares the news of their son.

word count: 108


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