FFfAW: The Good Old Days

I wrote this for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers 44th challenge for the week of December 15, 2015 earlier this week. Then I got caught up with finishing an online class, getting my house tidied up for the holidays and planning the big Fish Feast for Christmas Eve. I realized today I neglected to publish and link up the post. So here it is now –

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The Good Old Days


I would ride my bike to see her.  The wind parting like the red sea before me as I rode swiftly through the town.

I’d climb the three flights to her door. Three loud knocks and she’d be there in three heartbeats — Stunning and always wearing a smile. I’d hand her the day-old bread and the chicory. She’d warm the bread and serve it with olive oil and salt. We’d drink the chicory and pretend it was coffee — like in the good old days. We’d laugh and stop abruptly, unsure why we were so gay.

— She waved from the balcony as I mounted my bicycle. A burst of siren’s song came with a blast. Brick crumbled down. I looked up and she was gone.

word count: 125


5 thoughts on “FFfAW: The Good Old Days

  1. Wow! This is almost a whole novel in just a few words! Excellent! The ending really touched my heart. So sad. Beautiful story! I also want to apologize if I was cranky about linking up your stories for you, I really didn’t mean to be. I honestly don’t mind doing it as long as I have time. As busy as you are right now I could have linked up for you if you would let me know.

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