FFfAW: We Come To Eat

Today is Thanksgiving in the US. I am writing this as we drive the 200 miles to NY to visit friends and family. Don’t worry my husband is doing the actual driving! May there always be food on your table and gratitude in your hearts.

I wrote this in response to the ย 41st Challenge for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers -Week of 11-24 through 11-30-2015. To link up or read more go here.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Etol Bagam, author of the blog, Creative Busyness. Thank you Etol!


Dizurdle, report what you see.
“Large, fleshy, winged animal being dropped into aluminum drum, Captain.”

“Yes,” Captain Tesserurdle muttered, “same thing I see.”

“When do we move in,” asked a salivating Monozurdle.

“As soon as the human steps away.”

“The human has retreated,” exclaimed Trizurdle, “Fire! Fire!”

The foursome scurried foward into the fire. Picking up the charred bird from the flames, they absconded with it.

“I am thankful humans are not flame-retardant,” Dizurdle proclaimed with his mouthful of turkey. His three companions nodded joyfully in agreement.


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