Outward Force: wherein I kill two birds with one stone; and include two songs at the end

This week I am killing two birds with one stone. One post, two link-ups. I have fallen way behind in my writing and have missed a few weeks of Friday Fictioneers. So to economize my time, I wrote one micro-story to cover both photo prompts from Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers and Friday Fictioneers. I do think my muse is still on the theme of escape. I originally wrote a story of two girls at an amusement park. One girl is celebrating her birthday, the other — her friend —  is worrying about finishing her master thesis. It was all about conquering fears and daydreaming in a centrifugal force that doesn’t really exist. However, it was well beyond 100 words. Then Manfred Mann’s Earth Band’s song Blinded by the Light popped into my head and I had to whittle and rework the whole thing into a rhyming scheme. I also learned that the song was originally written and recorded by Bruce Springsteen. I didn’t know.

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This week’s photo prompt for FFfAW is provided by Etol Bagam. Thank you Etol!


This week’s photo prompt for Friday Fictioneers provided by © Ted Strutz


The tips of her toes lift from the ground. Her heart begins to pound. Clutching the chains, the refrain repeats in her brain…that’s where the fun is…

Spinning faster in place. Her hair curtains her face. She lifts her eyes to the sun…That’s where…

She hears the roar of a crowd. A million strangers cheer aloud. …the fun is…

Blinded by the lights, revved up by her fears.  Nothing is as it  appears.

From behind the curtain, she is uncertain. Frozen on the spot, she does not want it to stop.

word count: 95\


5 thoughts on “Outward Force: wherein I kill two birds with one stone; and include two songs at the end

  1. This is wonderful. When I was reading it I felt like I was on the carnival ride. It brought back wonderful memories. Great story, I loved it! Thank you for your participation.

    • She could be a performer. I envisioned it as she is facing her fears: the amusement ride, heights, facing a large audience on stage, but once you conquer that fear (so I’ve heard) it can be an exhilarating high. So fear and excitement can be two sides of the same coin. I hope that clears it up.

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