FFfAW: Uncharted Territory

This week, 9-29-15 through 10-05-15, is the 33rd Challenge for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW). The photo for this week’s prompt was provided by Louise of The Storyteller’s Abode. For more details on the challenge click here. To link up or read more responses click here.


And the theme of escape continues…

Uncharted Territory

I gave two weeks notice. I planned for six months. I had a decent apartment, a good job, enough money. It was all good. Well, no, it wasn’t. I needed something different – something more – I don’t know, savory?

I was packing up the old house, every last remnant of my childhood, when the neighbor came by. He pointed to a boat on his lawn. You haul that thing off and it’s yours, he told me. So I did. And here I am setting off for more savory waters. In all my fifty-one years, no one, least of all me, ever thought I had the nerve.

word count: 105


6 thoughts on “FFfAW: Uncharted Territory

  1. Awesome! He (she) needed a change in his life and made it! We are never too old to make our dreams come true or to change our life’s path. Wonderful story! I liked your use of the word “savory.” Thank you for participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers!

  2. What a great, simple, story. And I mean simple in the best possible way. No death or dismemberment or fantasy worlds. Simply well-crafted fiction. Or maybe fact? I hate it when someone says to anyone, “you’d never do that.” It’s always a challenged to prove them wrong.

    • Thank you for reading and your generous compliment! I don’t usually do death or dismemberment, not that I’m against that genre, just not where my muse takes me. It is fiction and not fact, but I do have four more years (the protagonist is 50) to make it fact!

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