Friday Fictioneers: Out of Containment

This week for Friday Fictioneers we were given the photo prompt below. I immediately thought of my previous post Memory, which I wrote this week for Flash Fiction for Aspiring writers. Rochelle, our genial host over at Friday Fictioneers, asks that we write stand alone stories and not serials. I usually don’t write serials, but it just went there in the story land of my mind, so I tried to make this stand alone. I did manage to keep it under 100 words. Please let me know if it works or not. I also see a pattern or theme of escape in my writing lately.

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PHOTO PROMPT © The Reclining Gentleman

Out of Containment

Dalia did not hesitate as she moved forward through the dark alley that led the way to freedom. They tried to erase her mind. To hide her, the youngest daughter of the Imperial Leader, from the world. She was only a small child during the coup. What secrets could she harbor? Why was she kept alive?

The alley led to a highway. Dalia walked along the shoulder as daylight waned and her hope grew. Somehow, she would paint herself a life anew. She was dependent on the kindness of strangers now. They would light the way.

word count: 96

6 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Out of Containment

  1. Dear MTO,

    If a story in a serial stands alone without the reader having to click a link or two I don’t care. As for word count, I’m not a tyrant although I prefer to see under rather than over. 😉

    Your story stands alone and ends on a hopeful note. I hope it works out for her.



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