The week of 09-22 through 09-29-2015 is the 32nd Challenge for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The picture prompt for this week was provided by Graham Lawrence. Thank you Graham! Go here to view other responses or to add your own.



Dalia pushed the rusted mower back and forth until there was a clear path. She dragged her easel and paint kit to the clearing. With her calloused hands she began to mix her palette. She exhaled poignantly and made her first stroke. She painted furiously. Not what she saw before her now, but as she remembered it. As it was all those years ago when there was a door one could walk in and out from freely. Her memory was the canvas. She would find it and she would escape. They could not contain her.

word count: 97


6 thoughts on “Memory

  1. Great story! I love how the canvas is her memory and she will find the memory of the garden as she remembers it and then escape! I also love the last line, “they could not contain her.” Thank you for participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge!

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