At Home

Back to school for my little guy today. Now I can attempt to get back into a routine of my own. In that vein, I wrote the following flash-fiction piece to link up with both FFfAW and Friday Fictioneers just before they close for the week.


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My home was gone, just as were the whales. I walked aimlessly through the park not thinking of my troubles. I stopped to chat with a balloon seller. After some minutes she asked if I could hold her balloons. I agreed and she ran off. While she was off her associate delivered more balloons. A curious thing happened then, I began to drift off the ground. Swept up in a gust of wind I took to the skies. I’m not sure for how long, but before I could reach despair, the balloons began to deflate and I drifted down onto a small island.

Here I remain. It is my home. The whales are frequent visitors.

word count: 115

Rochelle Wiscoff has a great piece about the father of graffiti on her website where she hosts Friday Fictioneers, don’t miss it. And you’ll also find some amazing Flash Fiction stories at Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.


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  1. I love how you combined both of the prompts! LOL! I can imagine you being lifted into the air and then being placed on the island. I believe that was your destiny! The ending is great! Love it!

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