A Loop Around the Park

This is a tribute to my running days in Central Park and my great friend and best ever running partner, Christine.

“This sounded like such a good idea two months ago!”

I was leaning to my left as I always did after 9 miles.

“I hate this part, these low rolling slopes,” my running partner and best friend panted, ” You go ahead. I’m going to walk.”

She always said that and we always walked together. We were just passing the Carousel now. I could see the water stop just up ahead. We’d start running after that and it was just another 800 meters from there to the finish.

“Who knew when we signed up in May that it would be snowing in July?

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Thanks to Dee Lovering for the photo prompt and to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers. Please be sure to visit her site for great inspiration and flash fiction.


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