PHOTO PROMPT- © Sandra Crook

I waited. I stood under the midday sun and waited. The shadows grew long and I waited. She said she would meet me here. At this exact corner, under the midday sun, in one week’s time. I crossed off each of the seven days on my calendar.

This morning I woke up as usual. I washed, shaved and dressed as usual. I took my morning coffee as usual. I rode my bike out to buy the paper as usual. Then I continued down the lane, over the highway, into the city, to this corner. I waited. She did not come.


I am linking up with Friday Fictioneers for the first time today. It’s something that has been on my to do list after reading several other bloggers submissions and then WordPress Blogging 101 recommended it.  So here it is. Please do visit Rochelle’s wonderful site.

Great news.  My cat returned home after we returned from our camping trip. She was out for 3 days and in torrential rain. She seems ok and we are all happy to be reunited.



20 thoughts on “Heartbreak

  1. So sad that she didn’t show up (in the story). Great story! I’m happy your cat came back. Mine went missing 2 years ago and still hasn’t come back. It broke my heart.

  2. Welcome to FF! It is always a risk, isn’t it? Sadly, this time did not work out…
    Good for you on your returned cat!

  3. Welcome to FF! I love the repetition in this piece; you really captured the sense of hopeful desperation. Look forward to reading more! (Congrats on the safe return. One of our cats once spent 5 days in a pine tree before hunger overcame her fear of climbing down.)

    • Thanks for reading. I’m like a cat – I have a fear of climbing down too, but I’m sure I wouldn’t last 5 days before hunger overcame my fear 🙂

  4. Dear MomTO,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. I feel it only fair to warn you that it’s a highly addictive activity. 😉

    Your story certainly illustrates your apt title. Nicely done.



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