Home Sweet Home

wpid-photo-20150624202315838This week’s photo prompt is kindly provided by Dawn M. Miller. Thank you Dawn.

This week I am linking up with Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Each week they provide a photo prompt for a flash fiction piece of 100-150 words. They ask that each submission have a beginning, middle and end and not be part of a serial.

I’m just a bit over at 172 words, wheedled down from 456

Home Sweet Home

When the bulldozers arrived it was alarming. Everyone hightailed it, but Chester remained. He had managed to scavenge some. But food was scarce.

Once this had been a paradise with mountains of garbage and debris. It had been splendid and abundant. Then the bulldozers came and everything was wiped clean. No one ever came and sat on the benches or lunched at the tables. Chester wondered why. If only some careless human would come, perhaps Chester could gain some sustenance.

Now he no longer had the strength to follow his fellow rats through the sewer pipes. As Chester toddled his way to the pond, the ground beneath his feet became soft and moist. He drank until his starving belly was full. He swam until his muscles were spent. The buoyancy of the water held him up. The sun warmed his body. This was an unusual daylight occurrence for him. But, today was an unusual day. There would not be another day like this, or any other day, for Chester.

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  1. I love how you have written your story from the perspective of a city rat. Loved the story!

    Welcome to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We are happy you have participated and hope you have fun and will come back!

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