Lend Me an Ear, or an eye, or a moment of your time…

It all began here. The reason why I started to blog: to relieve my friends of my relentless obscure musings on facebook, to find a focus, to find an audience.

Almost three years later and I can’t honestly say that I have accomplished my goals. It’s been fun trying. I have splintered off on a cooking blog that has challenged me in the kitchen, I took a break and have recently come back to it. I found some great community spirit and inspiration from the now defunct Trifecta and Write on Edge. I’ve stuck my toe in the waters of yeahwrite.com and now I’m trying out photography with Photo101 on WordPress. There are just so many wonderful things out there and so many possibilities that I fear I may never find my focus.

It’s more than likely my ADHD brain won’t focus on anything for too long before something distracts it. I need to learn to let go and just be. That’s what I tell myself constantly. Do you talk to yourself? I do. That led to me keeping a journal. This precluded anyone thinking I was crazy because I talk to myself. I began writing all my inner thoughts and dialogs into a notebook, sometimes on a stray napkin. It was just for me. There was no reason to worry if it was perfect. It was like singing in the shower, I didn’t have to worry about carrying a tune.

So, I’m a little off-key…pitchy…sound like a cat in heat, but it’s all for me. This Devil-may-care attitude keeps me going. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah – I think this is the point I touch on my audience. I am writing this blog post for you my audience: the blogosphere. [crickets chirping].

It’s a big world out there. Someone is stumbling upon my obscure musing…

…even if it may only be me.

[insert poignant question here and feel free to be compelled to comment]