NaPoWriMo 2015: Day 20

Today prompted us to write what we know. Be sure to head on over to the site for some really great picks and ideas.

This Much I know

I know I am sitting here, while you are toiling over there, I know we are separated, but connected. The sky above me is blue, daubed with white clouds, the breeze is mellow and my mind is aging. I know time does not stop, I can hear the clock ticking on the kitchen wall. I know time is an abstract that people try to make concrete. I know too, that I am pressed for time. So much needs to be done, This and that, bills to pay, emails to answer, dishes and clothes to wash, dry cleaning to pick up, and soon – to pick up our boy at school, homework to be done, dinner to be prepared, a kiss at the ready for when you return home. What I do not know is: Will I, or you, be around to hear the clock ticking the next second on the kitchen wall, or the next, or the next?


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