NaPoWriMo Days 6 & 7

I wrote these 2 in a notebook while on vacation. I will have to catch up with days 8,9 & 10 while also catching up on the laundry after vacation. Now, if only the weather (46 degrees here) would catch up with the season!

April 6: Day 6 Aubade

He rolls over and murmurs

It is not time yet —

A blink of an eye

And sleep  falls over him still

But it’s time, time to start the day

To arouse oneself from heady dreams

To wash and dress

And breakfast

To slip on shoes, pull on

a coat, grab the pack, and head out

The door. Walk to the corner

And await the bus. To begin the day

You must wake, little one, you must wake

April 7: Day 7 Money

What makes the world go round

And if it stopped spinning ’round –

Put another quarter in

Wind ‘er up, and she’ll rebound

The power lays where –

Mint it and print it

And burn it – There

Without us the world would still go,

Without the world we’d all be zero

Money makes the world go round

Economically, but what is money