The Stars

Sipping tea while reading Coffee News:

The world of imagination, fantasy, and entertainment

Could appeal to a crab

It’s all illusion as we journey through

The cycle –

Throw the clothes into the dryer, no longer bother with fabric softener in the rinse cycle

All those chemicals are bad for you, for the environment

And I never remember or time it right

What does the Facebook say

It’s trending on Google

Who is seen with whom, what are they wearing. Who are they doing, latest diet trend, excercise regime

Who cares

Shaking my head

Woke up today, it’s groundhog’s day,

Same as yesterday

I look up and wonder

Stellar scintillation, stellar scintillation

Little star

Up above the world

So high

A desire to be free of desires

As I grow older, I expand

Collapse – no, not yet.

I get emails

Which I gloss over

Intending to get back to

Only to forget.

Contraction –

Journey on – hot and bright

I rush off from here

To get there

I find myself somewhere

But I forget

Full of gas,

Enormous balls


Billions of years


The Black Dwarf beckons

Pulls one into the dance