Foodie Friday: Christmas Eve Feast

Christmas eve, for many Italians, is a big fish dinner. It’s a tradition I grew up with. Some say seven fishes, but I don’t know about that. We just had fish, lots of fish and no one counted.
It’s hard to have a feast for 2 adults and one child. I tried it last year,and even though I can eat enough for four, it was lacking. We don’t have any family nearby where we live, so I invited friends. The first five people I asked already had plans. Of course, it’s christmas eve and everyone has family and plans with the holidays and school break. I then sent out an Evite to many people hoping a few could make it. In the end we had 21, 9 coming in the last minute (after I already shopped).


For a moment we panicked. Then we moved the dining table into the living room, set up a folding table and borrowed chairs. We catered most of the food from our local fish monger, Conrad’s Crabs.  We spent most of our time that day cleaning the house. I made linguine con vongole. The husband baked/broiled Bronzino. He says to broil about 5 inches from the flame on high for about 13 minutes. The bronzini was delicious from what I heard. There wasnt enough to go around. So I didn’t get any.
It wasn’t perfect. We are already discussing what we would do different next time. Yet, it was a good time surrounded by good people. And that made my Christmas merry and bright.


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