Foodie Friday: in the twilight of Saturday

Time is just slipping past me this week. I can’t believe it is already Friday, no, already Saturday morning.

We went to our usual place this evening: Belvedere Square. Our favorite eatery there is Atwater’s. It’s a gem. However, this evening I chose to try a newer place, Tooloulou. The place features artisan pizza, po’boys and more. The boy had a kids pizza, the husband went with soup from Atwaters, and I ordered a shrimp po’boy.

Po’boys – A Louisiana style sub served on French bread. All Po’boys are “dressed proper” with lettuce, tomato, spicy Cajun pickles and Tabasco remoulade -wikipedia

It was all right. It was tasty and I enjoyed it. Did it have me oohing and ahhing and reminiscing about that time back in 1989 when I visited N’orleans? Nah. The bread was more of a hoagie then french-bread. It did have lettuce, tomato and pickle. I wouldn’t call it Cajun. The spices were secondary rather than Bam! as Emeril would say. For Baltimore, I’ll take it. Although, it did make me turn to my husband and say: We gotta make a trip down to Louisiana sometime.