Stream of happiness

It was hot. Sweltering. As I walked along the sidewalk my shoes were melting a millimeter a minute. Another job interview down the toilet. Since the Cruise Line closed up shop in this town and moved down to Florida, I’ve been jobless. Unemployed. It’s been 3 months now. I spend my days looking for work and my nights looking for a good man. It’s been hard to find either.  It seems very few people are hiring for the amount of people who are looking. I couldn’t get into a job fair the other day the line was around the block and in the interview this morning they told me a man with 20 years experience was willing to do the entry-level work I needed to do. I thought I’d do some waitressing to get by, but they have me come in 2-3 days to train on tips alone. Then they say they don’t need you. Free labor for a free country. It’s the same with the men. All smiles for the first meeting, a movie, some dinner, and then they forget your number. As my Aunt Tilda always says, “Why buy the milk when you can get the cow for free?” Maybe when I meet Mr. Right I’ll hold off better. Right now, I don’t care if I ever see them again. Instant gratification is what I’m looking for. I need it. I’m not getting it elsewhere in life.

As I walk along the avenue with my head down and my shoulders slumped, it begins to thunder. Quicker than a snap of my fingers, grey clouds roll in and the skies burst open. I run for the bus shelter. Perfect I think ducking under the fiberglass and metal structure, just perfect. I sit on the awkward grooved metal bench. I let out a heavy sigh. It seems to blow the heavy grey clouds away, just a bit. Just enough to move the rain along and allow the sun to peek out. And there is a rainbow. A smile forms on my face, and I think: Why should I be unhappy? I have so much further to go. It is not over yet. It will be good.

This is my piece for this week’s Write on Edge writing prompt. I’ve been under the weather and then under the mess of everything that piled up when I was sick so I just did a 15 minute free-write. I didn’t want to let another prompt go by and ignore it. Please stop by Write on Edge to read some great writing or submit your own.


2 thoughts on “Stream of happiness

  1. Good story, and really, the attitude we (I) should all have. Why should we be unhappy? Surely there is much more for us to look forward to. Thanks for reminding me of this today. I needed that reminder!
    God bless you,

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