2014 Poem a Day: 10

Melancholic Recall

People go in and out of your life.

You lose people

Because of circumstances


Beyond your ken,

Out of your control,

You don’t know what to do,

How to respond,

How to handle it.


Glimpses of the past

Play like old home movies on the garage wall.

You miss them –

The times shared,

The memories made.


You push on –

Forge ahead

Shoulders and mouth pulled down

— By gravity

You wonder:

Where they are now

How are they doing

What could have been

If they had been there to fill up the space

Between –

The then and now.


Forecasts glide by

Like clouds across the sky,

And uncertainty rains down,

– To be happy or forlorn?


And from my little guy —


My butterfly is awesome

and cool.

It is colorful and bright

It is red, pink

And purple.

It is happy and fat.