Being Mom

Happy 2014. I haven’t had anything new in a while. I haven’t been motivated to write or inspired much. Think I’m sinking into the winter doldrums. I wasn’t much inspired now either, but it’s the new year and time to start dusting myself off and making new starts. All that. Whatever, here’s what I got.

Being Mom

“Whatever,” he said.

“You can’t talk to…”


Marnie stood there with her mouth still open. The bags under her eyes weighed her to the spot like anchors. Her work-weary hand was still suspended in mid-air, the other rested stiffly on her slim hip. She blinked. The closed door in front of her came into focus. The sound of the slam still reverberated in her ears. Slowly, as if underwater, she took some steps backwards to the couch. Her feeble hand moved from her hip to the arm of the couch. She slumped down and her elbows landed on her knees, her two tired hands propped up her head. She sat there and began to silently sob. She didn’t know what to do. The door remained closed. She remained seated on the couch alone. She would have to start dinner soon. Maybe she would just order chinese or whatever.

This is my response to Trifecta: Week 109 prompt:

WHATEVER 1.  (pronoun) … 3.   (adverb) Used to show that something is not important

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14 thoughts on “Being Mom

  1. She needs a hug! I like that the ‘he’ is ambiguous – I thought it could either be her son, or her spouse. The slammed door hurts most when closed by someone we love.

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