November Rain

The frost on the stained glass obscured the scene. A young couple stood at the altar. They did not hear the wind howling or the rain scraping against the windows trying to get in. They stood together waiting for their cues. For the point in the story when they were to say, “I do.”  They did not write their own vows. There was nothing more for them to say than, “I do.” To say it in front of their gathered friends and families. Bennie looked beautiful. The white silk and organza gown clung to her body, hugged her hips, made her feel sexy.  The way Rick made her feel. She stood knowing the life they had been building together would grow and expand. She could see it while she watched the reverend’s mouth moving. She saw herself running for shelter in that cold, November rain. She ran to the bus shelter where someone held out an umbrella. Underneath, a quiet, young man with a cheesy grin. A young man she had never noticed before. One she got to know better over hot chocolate and cake pops at Starbucks. He told her they were in Ant501 together. As she laughed and smiled back at him, a genuine, easy smile, she wondered how she had ever overlooked him. In a moment, under the bus shelter, her life was forever altered.

She looked over at Rick with a genuine, easy smile. He stood with that cheesy grin. Rick feared his heart might stop. He was sweating in that dark, damp church. He was waiting for his cue. To say his, I do, and get on with the rest of his life. After it was all over he could go home and get out of this tux. He could wrap himself around his wife. His wife. Bennie would now be his wife . He was the luckiest man alive.

And finally, it was over. The I dos, the ceremony, the champagne toast, the first dance, the cake, the last dance, the pats on the back and the cheers, all done. Bennie threw her bouquet into the frenzy of desperate bachelorettes and with a smile and a wave they were on their way. Someone had painted “Just Married” on the window of their limo. In the back of the limo, Rick squeezed his new bride tight. She smiled at him and grabbed the bottle of champagne. There was a thud. Rick heard a thud before everything went black.

It had been a distracted driver. Someone driving a Chevy Suburban while talking on the phone. A deer, or some animal, jumped into the road. She swerved too quickly. The limo driver couldn’t avoid her. He tried but clipped her left rear bumper and fishtailed into the guard rail. The driver’s airbag saved him. Rick was thrown forward into the plexiglass barrier and knocked momentarily unconscious. Bennie was thrown through the moon roof. She was dead. In that moment, Rick’s life was forever altered.

This was written in response to Write on Edge, week 45

The quote:

The third day comes a frost, a killing frost.
William Shakespeare

And the song: November Rain by Guns and Roses

you can use one or both of the prompts, your response can be fiction or creative non-fiction, and there’s a word limit of 500 words.

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