The Button

I wrote this piece to link up with both Write on Edge and Trifecta this week: The Jacket.

After hours of editing and chopping I just couldn’t get it down under 500 words. So, under the wire, at 3:15 trying to get a post to Trifecta and leave to pick up my son from camp I typed up this companion piece:

The Button

I walk along the shore in solitude. A haze obscuring the world. In the mist the lighthouse stands guard over me. The waves crash against the rocky shore keeping time with the flashing light. Crash, crash, flash. The foamy sea lashes against the dark rocks and then recedes. Just when you think it will unleash it’s vengeance on the land, the sea pulls away in retreat. Still, each time you hold your breath and wonder.

As the water pulls back, I notice something weakly glinting between the rocks. It was tossed out by the sea and trapped by the rocky coast. Squeezing my feet to secure myself, I squat down and pluck it out. It is small and round and rusty. It’s a button. I  examine it in awe. I try to wipe away some of the the rust. Embossed on the button is an anchor. I look down at my own jacket. The one I took from my mom’s hospital room as she lay dying. The jacket was missing one button and the last one was rusty. The three remaining buttons were a bit tarnished. All of them were embossed with anchors. I held the  button from the sea up to the others. It was the same size.

I looked out to sea. Just as I had wondered how that last button could be rusty, I now wondered how this lost button had found me.


The story continues here with The Lighthouse

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6 thoughts on “The Button

  1. I read both pieces and thought they were both emotional. I can see why it would be hard to trim The Jacket- there is a lot of story there.

    I thought it was cool how the last jacket button found her. What are the chances of that? Makes me wonder if it’s some kind of sign, or reassurance, that it’ll all be okay.

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