The Tesseract

Trifecta week 81 gave us the third definition of Light (n) a source of light…

And Write at the Merge week 24 gave the word: tesseract.

I decided to revisit a character from previous piece, the alchemist from Behind the Manor. You can read the first part here, if you’d like, but I think this piece can stand alone as is. I had to cut an awful lot to keep it under 333 words. Also, be sure to check out the other great posts at these sights –


No…” muttered the old man.

Yes,” the tall police guard named, Oswaldo said, “You are under arrest for alchemy.” Tremont, the other guard scowled,“What could you be doing here, higher up than even Asgard.” They led him away from the decaying manor which had been his home for more than a quarter century.

There was a sudden, violent gust of wind. Rain fell down like a thousand platinum whips lashed from the sky. The guards’ cloaks flew up and slapped them in the faces. The old man fell and slid down the hill. Precariously, he came to a stop by a large tree.

The two guards were each trying to help the other stand up, but succeeded only in bringing the other down. As they slipped and slid around in circles, the old man quickly and methodically rubbed the rope that tied his hands back and forth on a rock. He worked with the agility and strength of a much younger man. Once freed, he pulled a small box from his pocket. He lifted out a square object wrapped in blue velvet. Gingerly, he removed the velvet. In his two hands he held a cube. He rotated it. A bluish light emanated from it giving off a cosmic glow.

The two guards saw the light envelope the old man. It seemed as if the old man began to levitate, his wrinkles to smooth out, his back to straighten. Then it seemed all at once, he began to fade away, the bluish-white light becoming a yellow glow tracing his silhouette. There was a loud thunder crack and the two guards were blinded and thrown back.

As Oswaldo removed his hands from his eyes, he realized the rain had stopped. Tremont became aware that the wind had died down. Both men looked at each other, then over to the tree where the old man had been sitting. He was not there. Behind the tree they could see a rainbow arching across the sky.


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