I am awesome?

This week Mama Kat asked us to list 15 ways we are awesome.  That is not a word I often use in describing myself. This is all a bit out of my comfort zone. This year is supposed to be about pushing my boundaries and being more open. So, I decided to try to meet the challenge. I couldn’t think of one thing so I asked my son, he said:

I am awesome because:

1. I’m a nice mom

2. I meet his needs

3. I give him my old stuff like my i-phone

ok, the list ended there. I still need twelve more. Let me think:

4. I let him keep every stick he’s ever collected in the last 3 years. There is a pile behind the shed. My husband keeps threatening to use it as firewood. I won’t let him.

5. I have run all over town and the internet to find Skylanders. I snagged the ever elusive Ninjini finally!

6. I don’t correct him every time he mispronounces or misuses a word. I just restate it correctly. A friend was visiting recently and kept correcting his usage of words and he was so frustrated! When he came to me bemoaning that instoppable and perfectest were too words, I soothed him by letting him know Shakespeare made up words all the time.

7. My kid is 7 and knows who Shakespeare is, kinda.

8. It is always time for ice-cream. When an ice-cream truck came down our street, singing a circus tune and parked right in front of our house I took it as a sign. I didn’t say that we hadn’t eaten dinner yet, I yelled go grab my wallet!

9. I listen

10. Sometimes we turn the music up real loud and rock out doing air guitar

11. At my age, I can still run through a jungle gym and play ninja pirates.

12. Even though it breaks my heart, I know I am a mom and not his friend, and I have to lay down the rules sometimes.

13. I can bend those rules sometimes. Like staying up past bedtime to read one more chapter or for movie night, or to eat waffle ice-cream sandwiches for dinner.

14. I can answer back, “I love you” when told I am mean, fat, I hate you and other hurtful things. My mom would’ve just told me “Oh, go to hell.” I loved her anyway.

15.  My kid says so 🙂

I just know you are awesome too. Tell me how in the comments below.


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  1. No sticks here, but I do let my daughter keep all the interesting rocks she discovers. She has a box full of them in her room!

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