The days go on

Wednesdays are meaningless,

Useless when you don’t even know

What day of the week it is today,

Or what the hour is,

What was it you were doing?

It’s like that kiddie ride at the park

The round one that spins around

You are on it, and the big kids are pushing it too hard

Everything is a blur with no beginning or end

Stop! You want to get off

You stumble off the edge and fall to the ground

Everything still going around, You get up

Maybe the kids are laughing, you can’t tell

You dust your knees off

And you go forward, no matter

What the day or the time.

When I was a student at Hunter College they would sometimes reschedule the days. So if Monday was a holiday then Tuesday would become Monday. This always wreaked havoc on my work schedule and I’d miss the class anyway. Well, I missed the prompts for this week. So, today Thursday will now run on a Wednesday schedule.

When I started this blog I did have some goals. They weren’t set in concrete or anything, I never signed a contract, but there was hope. I set out to stir my own pot. I wanted to write again. I wanted to learn about all the technology that I missed. Once, upon a time, in another millenia I knew about computers: how to write html code and publish websites. Then I left the office to become a teacher and never used technology again for the last 13 years. When my son started kindergarten I thought I would have time. Time to write, to ponder, to create, to learn the ways of the modern, young world. Yet, as ever, time seems to elude me. I miss deadlines, the housework piles up, there are places to go and people to meet. There is the ultimate deadline of being home by 3:30 to meet my son at the bus. I have learned somethings. That I tend to overuse the word “so” for example and that while I am good at imagery, I can’t really tell a complete story. So, my english teachers were right about me all along. As they said, “It’s good, but it’s not a story.” I am having fun with flash fiction and linking up to sites like Write on Edge and Trifecta Writing challenge. So, I didn’t really write a mommy blog or become the next Erma Bombeck. I can’t seem to find my sense of humor, if I ever had it. So, I may not have achieved all my goals, but I am writing again even if it’s not as often as I’d like. I think I may need a little more help with things. Maybe take a class? I’m just not sure if It’s me or the ADD that is making me run around in circles. So, wherever I go, there I am. Hello.

How about you? Have you achieved the goals you set out when you started your blog? Have they changed at all? I’d love to hear about them.