Cooking with Ms. M.: Frittata and a fried brain



The cats were meowing. It was time to start dinner. I really wasn’t in the mood. What else is new, right?

So, I decided I would just throw some leftovers in the toaster oven to broil and put some rice in the rice cooker. We had gone out to an old, traditional Greek restaurant for Pascha (greek easter) the night before. We had ordered a fish, roasted lamb, liver and onions, Horta and humus for my humus-loving, picky-eater boy. After abstaining from meat for so many weeks we shoveled it in our mouths by the forkfuls without even breathing. It was an ecstatic experience, until about 2:30 am when I woke up dying for a glass of water. I had an alka-seltzer for breakfast. Still, I didn’t want to cook and you just can’t let good food you paid for go to waste.


The rice cooker is on and I’ll just make a can of Trader Joe’s Lentil soup


Leftover liver and onions from the greek restaurant

I was one of those weird kids that liked liver as a kid. I would ask my mom to make it for dinner. My older sister and brother would punch me in the arm and say I was crazy. Hey, you put a little ketchup on it and smother it with onions – and call me crazy, but it’s good!

So, I had got the rice on and not much else when my husband got home. I poured him and myself some tea to ease the bloating from the Easter dinner. Image

Aren’t these cups so cute? I found them on the internet and being a displaced New Yorker, I couldn’t resist. They are my favorite cups to drink tea from. You could drink coffee out of them, but I don’t drink coffee.

So, after drinking my tea I changed my mind about dinner. I decided I would pour the lentil soup out as a sauce over the rice with the liver and onions. I opened it and dumped it into a pan to cook, and then had an inspiration. Frittata!  I was just recently reading from the Bartolini kitchens blog where he discussed making frittate. I know of frittate, but had never put pasta in mine before. You know what? There was some leftover pasta in my fridge that would have to be thrown out if no one ate it. Into the frittata it will go. Are you still following along with my ADD brain. I keep switching up the dinner menu, my brain must be fried from all that EASTER meat gorging.

scramble me up a frittata

scramble me up a frittata

I dumped the liver and onions from the broiler pan I had already put it in into a frying pan. I sautéed it a bit and then added the leftover pasta. I found some mushrooms in the fridge and threw those in too. I scrambled up two eggs and poured this over the mixture in the pan. I let this all cook up in the frying pan. For the finale, I placed the frying pan under the oven’s broiler for 3 minutes. I used the timer and the oven light to make sure it didn’t burn. Photo on 5-6-13 at 6.48 PM

I can’t believe it didn’t burn and turned out all right. All except my shirt, which is what I get for being too lazy to change out of a white shirt and not putting on an apron in the first place!

Photo on 5-6-13 at 6.35 PM

I divided the frittata into fourths. I placed one section on the plate, scooped a ladle full of the lentil soup over it, dumped some salad from a bag next to it and served with yogurt. Dinner from leftovers! Of course, my son didn’t eat it. He asked who made it and then ate his yogurt and some bread. The boy just refuses to eat anything I cook.

The next day, my husband and I had the leftover frittata for breakfast and for dinner I made a soup, in the crock pot, out of the leftover roasted lamb and green beans from Sunday’s night Pascha dinner.


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  1. I could not read any further after I read ‘liver and onions’ It is just I had such bad experiences with school dinners and the liver all dried up and dehydrated and tough as boot leather that I have a bit of a phobia about it. I used to put it in my pockets to get rid of it as in those days we had to sit there until we cleaned our plates.

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