The Milky Way

Come, my love, sit with me on the blanket under the sakura tree. It’s pink tendrils unravelling in the humid air landing on our hair. Such a lovely veil of nature you wear upon your delicate head. Shed your cap, scarf and mittens and slip your feet into the dewy grass. You giggle as it tickles your naked toes. You stir me up, baby, like Nescafe. Let’s leave the soup cans stocked in the cupboard and open the picnic basket. We will dine on white wine and cheese with crusty bread.

And look, at the bottom of the basket – a Milky Way bar!

Let’s eat it before it melts. No matter if we haven’t yet supped. Let’s ruin our appetites and relish this delight. This nectar of the ancients transformed into a sweet confectionary. It will comfort our ravenous souls. In that land of the Maya and the Aztecs, the cacao beans are being harvested by tender, loving hands. The beans are grounded into rich chocolate. Rich chocolate is mixed into a thick, stringy substance. Whipped nougat is pressed into the chocolate. The heated caramel flows to spread on top and then slowly is drenched with sweet milky chocolate. Mmmmmmm-

I will break it in half for you and me. Go on take a luscious bite. But not so fast, savor it slowly as the creamy caramel flows from the bar to your lips. Chew tenderly the smooth nougat center. Let me lick where the chocolate has hidden itself in the crevices of your voluptuous mouth. Lay down with me, my love, on the blanket under the sakura tree. Let my blood mix with your blood. Together, we will make a new blood. All the while pink snowflakes cascade down on us. The wind blows them away across the horizon like falling stars in reverse. Quick, make a wish. Make a thousand wishes, my love. I have only one and oh, the places we will go!

Write at the Merge week 19 gave us these lines from

REM’s The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight:

Baby, instant soup doesn’t really grab me today. Today I need something more substantial: a can of beans or black eyed peas, some Nescafe and ice, a candy bar, a falling star, or a reading from Dr. Seuss.

And this image,20130506-084319.jpg

And the Trifecta Writing Challenge week 76 was the third definition of

BLOOD (noun)

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  1. I see how we both found such pleasure in the small things, like a chocolate bar. This was lovely, your imagery was magical.

  2. I thought you did a great job of combining all the prompts. I had hard time with the WOE prompts. You’re very good at imagery:~) The description of eating the candy bar was wonderfully done:~)

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