Cooking with Ms. M: Crystal Light, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cake Pops, Oh My!

This weekend was the annual neighborhood Yard Sale. My son wanted to do a lemonade stand and sell chocolate chip cookies.

He made this sign for his stand with my help


I was happy to see him show some initiative. Being a weight watchers member I had some Crystal Light sitting in the cupboard ready to add water. The cookies were the problem. It’s been a long time since we made cookies. My son loves to bake, but he doesn’t like to eat. So who ends up eating 23 cookies? Yep, that’s right me.  A whole lot of points and not a good thing. I also decided since we would be selling these cookies to the general public (i.e. not my kid) I would make good old-fashioned cookies and not my usual healthy alternatives with organic oatmeal flour, chia seeds and brown rice syrup. Ah, now you know why my kid doesn’t eat my cookies! That required a trip to the supermarket to get eggs and butter, which we don’t have in my house right now since it’s the Lenten season.

I had said good old-fashioned cookies, which to me means Tollhouse, but I had these in the back of the cupboard.


I just used the recipe on the back of the bag.


My son creamed together the sugar (1 cup white, 1 cup brown), 2 sticks of butter and 2 eggs20130426_185129

We slowly integrated the dry ingredients with the wet

Stirred in the chips, which by this time had been greatly reduced from snacking on them


While the cookies baked for 10-11 minutes, I had my son and the neighbor kid wash the dishes. Be sure to keep a mop handy for this step!


Here they are straight out of the oven.

They seemed a bit small to me, but ok for a weight-watcher size cookie. So, for the next batch I used an ice-cream scoop instead of a tablespoon. They came out normal sized. I thought the Ghiradelli chips too rich and prefer the Tollhouse for cookies, but the Ghiradelli would be perfect for brownies. Yet, they were a success and a lot of people commented they were better than the competition down the block. And I have it from a reliable source they used the slice and bake ready-made dough.

Then we decided to make cake pops. I baked a Duncan Hines Red Velvet cake following the directions on the package, adding a box of chocolate instant Jell-O pudding to the Mix.


Wow look at that color! That can’t be natural.


After cooling the cake in the fridge, I crumbled it with my hands. I love this part.


Add a 1/4 cup of frosting to the crumbled cake

I had a container of cream cheese frosting in the fridge. Wait, I had a full container, now I don’t even think there’s a 1/4 cup left in there. You caught me, every late night now and then a spoon or two got dipped into that container.


Mix the crumbled cake and frosting together with your hand. I really love this part. Maybe I should take up pottery

Roll mixture into balls. This is like making the meatballs

Roll mixture into balls. This is like making the meatballs

Then let set in the fridge for about 2 hours. I did this part the night before and the candy party the next morning.

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler

20130427_155859After dipping in the melted chocolate and sprinkles they were supposed to be pushed into some styrofoam to hold them. I found it difficult to do this part and keep an eye on the candy. Melting the chocolate is tricky because the water can neither be too hot or too cold. The pops were just dripping and wobbling and not going into the foam. So I put them down on some wax paper, which of course flattened the tops. It didn’t matter much. We didn’t finish the cake pops in time for the yard sale, so I bought them along to a barbecue I had that afternoon. The kids made them disappear in no time!

After consuming much of my profits this weekend, I was up a pound at my weigh-in this week. I just don’t understand it.

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  1. This was fun watching what you and son created. “Up a pound?” I think you’re lucky. I would have been up a lot more than just a pound. My stomach growled at me just looking at the pictures:~)

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