Poem 23/30: An Ecstatic Triolet

I crossed the bridge into the clouds

Suspended in the atmosphere

Covered in a billowy shroud

I crossed the bridge into the clouds

Before the blinding light I bowed

In ecstasy – through light so clear

I crossed the bridge into the clouds

Suspended in the atmosphere


I batted a triple today! It won’t be a homer, because “iambic tetrameter” confounds me more than iambic pentameter.

First, it’s day 23 of napo2013button1 Today, let’s try writing triolets. A triolet is an eight-line poem. All the lines are in iambic tetramenter (for a total of eight syllables per line), and the first, fourth, and seventh lines are identical, as are the second and final lines. This means that the poem begins and ends with the same couplet. Beyond this, there is a tight rhyme scheme (helped along by the repetition of lines) — ABaAabAB.

Second, Picture11-1week 74,


Write at the Merge, Week 17

writing prompt gave us two photos:
UntitledUntitled © Vanessa Paxton via Flickr


pinhole 970, bridgepinhole 970, bridge © Darius Kuzmickas via Flickr


8 thoughts on “Poem 23/30: An Ecstatic Triolet

  1. I thought it sounded it beautiful, and I am impressed at the craft as well as the beauty. Just Wow!

  2. I like your poetry and am really impressed that you were able to go for THREE:~) I agree with Draug419…there was a dreamy quality to this poem. As I do, I read it out loud and that made seem all the more potent.

    Thanks for sharing this:~) Sara

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